Practical Info

Have you been victim of an accident? 
Can't you ski anymore?  

Please declare the accident within 10 days, contact:

Europ Assistance (Suisse) Assurances SA

Avenue Perdtemps, 23
CP 3200
CH 1260 NYON 1

T: +41 (0) 22 593 73 29
F: +41 (0) 22 939 22 45


To allow us to manage quickly and properly your claim’s reimbursement, please send us:
  • a copy of your skipass
  • a medical certificate
  • the invoices of the medical expenses related to the accident reported.
Please note that Snowcare is subsidiary to any other insurance or service. For this reason, we will ask you to report the accident to your personal or social insurance.

How to purchase our insurance?

You can purchase Snowcare at the Skipass Bureau. There is no form to sign. The Bureau will write "insured" directly on your Skipass. And you are insured.